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Climax and Tighten Pearls.

Yellow and Gold Pearls of Love.

Vagina Tightening Gold Gel moisturizer BV Yoni

Herbal Yoni Tightening Pearl for Intercourse Enhancement

Herbal Capsule has a bactericidal function and can anti-inflammatory and wound-healing,reproductive tract infections and can kill bacteria,fungi, Trichomonas and Mycoplasma. It can promote healing,both lubrication.The PH value of the bactericidal effect against the impact of the boot and does not affect the normal vaginal flora.

Main Ingredients Millettia, Dandelion, Propolis, Fructus, Cnidii, Motherwort, Kuh-seng


Nourishing and Tightening Vagina:

most nutrients of our capsule absorbed by vaginal wall and cervix, Promoting blood circulation and Regenerating cell. Improving the activity of muscle cells, which can improve loose genital.Enhancing flexibility and Recovering grip strength. Treating sexless which caused by loosed vagina, lower sensitivity etc.

Ovarian Maintenance:

Put the soft capsule into the vagina, It have a fast and direct effect on lesion site. Eliminating congestion and toxins. Ajusting female hormone secretion, which achieved the beauty effect. It is regulating endocrine as well as purify body’s internal environment. In this way,It keep the internal environment best situation.

Super Penetration:

Directly administered to the bottom of the uterus, Transdermal technology makes rapid expansion, which formed a protective film over the entire uterus. The capsule handled by Nano-silver technology with superior permeability,so as to achieve a balanced and regulation state.

Anti-bacterial and Anti-virus

It has a great effect on bacterial, fungal, trichomonas, senile and mixed vaginitis. It also can get ride of the genital inflammatory secretions and toxins,restored vaginal self-purification and self-cleaning ability,so as to reduce the incidence of all kinds gynecological disease.

1,Postpartum Women.

2,Women who sitting in the office for long-term,lacking of outdoor activities,and who wearing pants for long-term.

3,Vaginal dryness,easily lead to organ qualitative damage women.

4,Women with all kinds of gynecological disease,such as vaginitis,cervical erosion,endometritis,uterine prolapse,pelvic inflammatory,Annexitis,Leacorrhea malodor,Leukoplakia,Fungal infection,etc

5,Sexless women, Couples who with discordant sex life.

6,Middle-aged women who have amenorrhea.

Using Process

1,For the first time using, you can feel cool and comfortable,fresh and pleasant, has a sence of tightening. white curd is dischaged from inside,no itching and no odor,you will feel relax and comfortable

2, There is a clear sence of tightening,sensitivity enhanced ,and leucorrhea is normal,can feel strong tightening during intercourse,orgasm increased significantly .

Using Method of Vagina Tight

1.Wash hands,take out the goods.

2, Take medication sterilization of disposable medical gloves.

3,Pushed the product into the depth of private part

4,Each morning and evening one is better for severe case.

You can use it after sex or 2 day before sex

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