Located in the lower abdomen, the sacral chakra represents the very center of “You.” It is strong and healthy when the ideas of passion and intimacy are seen as pleasurable and natural, and bring a feeling of happiness to your body and spirit. Life is joyous and bright. This chakra is particularly related to emotional issues, those who have a blocked Sacral Chakra will encounter emotional, and intimacy issues in relationships. 1. Misuse of sexual energy and others relating to personal ethics, self-esteem and creativity are also the results of a blocked sacral chakra. Signs of an Open 2nd Chakra People with an opened Svadhisthana generally are: · passionate · sensual · creative · Connected to their feeling. · feeling emotionally stable Signs of a Closed 2nd Chakra People with a blocked Svadhisthana: · can’t keep emotions and ability in balance · feel insecure · fail to deal with life’s changes · lack self-confidence Healing the womb by cleaning and maintaining a healthy PH Balance. Try Divine Sis Yoni Womb Healing Herbs for your Sacral Charka care.