I am here to provide a insight of love and light! The ability to take care of your temple from head to toe.

Enchanted is a person who does magic including spells, rituals. Also, highly divine in meaning of spiritual gifts and practices. Divine Healer or divine healing oneself or others with the help of the Higher Power Source. I am Intuitive Psychic that specialize in Oracle Healing Reading , Magic, Fortune Telling and much more....

Radiesthesia is divination through using a weighted object hanging on a chain or rod, while 'pallomancy' is divination using a pendulum. A pendulum is a simple divination tool, with an object of weight is attached to a chain or such. In this type of divination you observe how the pendulum moves in order to gather answers or information about a situation or specific question. Working with a pendulum requires you to use your intuition, third eye and/or sixth sense. Whether you seek divine guidance or spiritual information, the pendulum will be your tool to send and receive messages.

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